NMS Endowment and Foundation and Service Provider Memberships offer access to the NMS Endowment and Foundation Community through exclusive entrance to a number of educational forums and preferred access to others.

Endowment and Foundation Membership

Endowment and Foundation Membership is comprised of over 300 institutions from the endowment and foundation community based in the U.S., and includes member organizations based in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Member institutions include prestigious colleges, foundations, museums, hospitals, healthcare systems, and other not-for-profit organizations.

Through our Membership platform, members have access to forums where they acquire knowledge and deepen their understanding of the factors influencing the performance of their long-term investment portfolios. Our curriculum supports investment staff in making well-informed investment decisions, as they strive to grow their portfolios and to support the objectives of the institutions they serve.  NMS programming provides members with perspective and insights related to global financial markets, economics and monetary policy, geo-political themes, asset allocation, risk management, institutional governance, and investment strategy across geographies and sectors, in addition to other subjects of interest to our members.

NMS Members build relationships within a vibrant community of peer institutions where they network and exchange ideas in a private and non-commercial setting.

Endowment and Foundation Members are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year. Further information about our Investor membership may be obtained by calling 516.933.3700.  You may also submit your inquiry below.

Service Provider Membership

Service Provider Membership is comprised of a diverse cross-section of investment managers and other service providers representing both large and smaller firms, and across all asset classes and geographies.  As a service provider member, you will become part of a community dedicated to our mission in providing educational resources to the benefit of endowments and foundations.

Service Provider Members are accepted via our annual member launch beginning in May for existing members.  NMS will accept applications for service provider members beginning in March and will provide notification during the period from July through September.   Firms seeking membership will be asked to submit one reference from an endowment or foundation in support of their membership.

Further information about our exclusive Service Provider membership may be obtained by calling 516.933.3700 or emailing us at

You may submit your inquiry below or email