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NMS Management, Inc. was founded in 1997 by Nancy Szigethy with a mission of education to support investment officers at Endowments and Foundations in making sound decisions to ensure the legacies of their institutions. Under its membership platform NMS provides a series of exceptional investment forums designed to serve the Chief Investment Officers and the investment staff of eleemosynary institutions around the nation. Through its offerings, NMS provides it members with access to leading thinkers across disciplines, facilitates the intellectual exchange of ideas, promotes debate on current issues, and explores on an on-going basis the development of best practices for the Industry. NMS also provides an environment where institutions may share information and expand their network of peers.

NMS Management is committed to providing unbiased educational forums for senior investment professionals from Endowments & Foundations, Family Office Executives, and High Net Worth Individuals. The responsibility to maintain professional excellence in the management of eleemosynary and private assets is a formidable challenge. Since we limit our focus to a small number of niche events throughout the year, our emphasis is placed entirely on the quality and integrity of each program. NMS is committed to educating the investor community, and our efforts are placed on developing the highest quality program content to each of our events. NMS designs programs where investors learn both from each other and our speaker faculty, which is always comprised of the most seasoned investment professionals from around the globe. The mission of NMS Management is exclusively educational in nature, enabling us to offer entirely independent and unbiased programs, in a non-commercial setting. NMS Management does not market or endorse any investment products or services. To preserve the integrity of our meetings, we allocate a restricted number of seats to service providers.

No Investment Advice

Members, Attendees and Contributors (“Participants”) acknowledge that NMS Management, Inc. (“NMS”) does not provide any investment advice. All NMS events/forums are for informational purposes only, and NMS does not vouch for or otherwise endorse the information or advice provided by speakers and panelists at NMS events/forums. Participants and others should conduct their own appropriate due diligence. NMS thus makes no express or implied warranties concerning the content presented at any NMS events/forums, and Participants acknowledge that NMS shall have no liability for any loss or damages sustained by any reliance on content at any NMS event/forum.