Founder – Nancy Szigethy

Nancy Szigethy
Nancy Szigethy

Nancy M. Szigethy founded NMS Management, Inc. (NMS) in 1997 and has served as CEO for 20 years. NMS is a private membership organization recognized as a leader in providing Investor Education for the investment staff of colleges, universities, foundations and other not-for-profit organizations.  NMS serves over 300 institutions in the endowment and foundation Industry, in addition to its high-net-worth investor members. Featuring leading-thinkers from academia, think-tanks, and the political arena, as well as Nobel prize-winning economists and investment luminaries, NMS Forums embrace constructive debate, encourage thought-innovation, and foster the exchange of ideas in a private and non-commercial setting. Among its offerings, NMS Roundtables serve as a resource for a select group of chief investment officers at prestigious colleges, universities and foundations from across the nation and abroad.

Through NMS Forums, members acquire knowledge and deepen their understanding of the factors influencing the performance of their long-term investment portfolios. Our curriculum supports investment staff in making well-informed investment decisions, as they endeavor to grow their portfolios and support the goals and objectives of their institutions, as stewards of their endowment assets.

NMS programming covers trends in global financial markets, economics and monetary policy, geo-political themes, asset allocation, risk management, institutional governance, and investment strategy across geographies and sectors.

NMS membership platforms are also comprised of investment fund managers representing investment strategies, asset classes, and sectors around the globe. NMS Service Provider members are based in the U.S., as well as Europe, Asia, Latin America, Australia, and in the Middle East.

Earlier in her career Ms. Szigethy worked at Drexel Burnham Lambert holding the position of Assistant Vice President, International Trading and Capital Development.

Ms. Szigethy is a Director of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Association, and a member of The Family Office Council at The Yale School of Management, Yale University.